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June 21 2022
We have ran two events:
Retribution and Pain
Check the latest results to find them
May 8 2022
As of late I've been busy... I know that's not what you want to hear and at times I forget who are Men and who are Women in this efed / fantasy wrestling world... So I have decided to go back to the old method of having two separate promotions one strictly for men and one strictly for women. So be on the lookout for that to hit the main part of the navigation as I also plan on renaming the women's league from Ken's Vixxxenz Wrestling to something else... I have a few names in mind but want to fully get set on one before I make the change
May 4 2022
Today we parted ways with:
Lost Soul (BO: Abadon)
The Female Demon (BO: Rosemary)
Mortiz (BO: Mortis)
May 3 2022
Queen Of The Ring results posted (under tournament)
April 6 2022
Queen Of The Ring - no I haven't ran it yet, even though I have it set for April it may or may not happen during the month.. It's meerly whenever I feel like I want to run it
Wrestling and this Circuit / eFed has always been a hit/miss with me sometimes I feel deep involved and wanting to do more and more, other times.. I just don't care for it so I walk away and leave the site to sit for another day, as of late it's been option #2, just letting things sit for another day
March 19 2022
Not long after The Female Demon (B/O: Rosemary) got in touch Lost Soul (B/O: Abadon) also got in touch with us wanting to join the Queen Of The Ring Tournament.
March 19 2022
It didn't take long for word to get out before The Female Demon (B/O: Rosemary) decided to join the upcoming Queen Of The Ring tournament.
March 19 2022
Since the Vixxxenz title is vacant, we have to find a champion to hold it. With that being said we will be holding Queen Of The Ring which will be a tournament, the winner will be the new Vixxxenz Champion
March 19 2022
Laurie Bergeron lost Vixxxenz title to Mitsuhiro Nakamura during a impromptu double title match at Sacrificial Slaughter causing the title to become vacant

Now your no doubt wondering why would management allow this match to happen since only half the competitors were female.. Simply put because if it so happens that Laurie lost the match, then the Vixxxenz title would be vacated since Mitsuhiro can't be deemed champion since he doesn't qualify for the title.

So what is going to happen with this title ?...

Keep checking back for info about that