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January 16 2022
Results for Revolution 2022 is now online, check'em out under results

So far we haven't announced our February event
January 10 2022
Looks like KWOFST got the cold shoulder shortly after announcing the first event for 2022.
If your unaware of what that means, it means that they have been shuffled to the "past" section of the site.

Over the last few weeks I've had ideas that I thought about trying out for KWOAOA however due to many things going on right now I don't have the privildge of being able to run KWOAOA and KWOFST plus try out new ideas as something had to take a back seat so I decided to put KWOFST to rest, the stars of KWOFST will join KWOAOA which will double the roster size that they already have. I haven't decided if the title will come forth or not that will be decided  in the future, right now it'll be left alone
January 9 2022
KWOFST announced it's January event.