Best Of The Best 2018

[Round 1]: Gadjimurad Ferzaliev pinned Akinori Sakata with the Tombstone in 0:16:26. Rating: -*** 3/4 [Round 1]: Aaron Cargill defeated George Sayfritz via pinfall in 0:08:42. Rating: **** [Round 1]: Jean-Claude Mikula defeated Mitsuhiro Nakamura by countout in 0:15:04. Rating: ** 1/4 [Round 1]: Storm Gill defeated Mika Fatialofa by countout in 0:07:43. Rating: ** 3/4 [Round 1]: Stanislav Moldovanov defeated Damian Saucedo by countout in 0:08:12. Rating: *** [Round 1]: Ben Vieira defeated Julio Vega by countout in 0:07:53. Rating: -** [Round 1]: Pieter Talley defeated Vea Vaega when Vea Vaega passed out in a bow-and-arrow submission in 0:01:49. Rating: -3/4* [Round 1]: Nico Voight pinned Valu Soamoa with the Superkick in 0:08:28. Rating: *** 3/4 [Round 2]: Aaron Cargill pinned Gadjimurad Ferzaliev with the Powerslam in 0:05:57. Rating: * 1/2 [Round 2]: Storm Gill pinned Jean-Claude Mikula with the Flying Legdrop in 0:08:29. Rating: ** 3/4 [Round 2]: Stanislav Moldovanov defeated Ben Vieira by countout in 0:07:43. Rating: *** [Round 2]: Nico Voight defeated Pieter Talley by countout in 0:02:52. Rating: 1/4* [Semi-Finals]: Storm Gill pinned Aaron Cargill with the Flying Legdrop in 0:05:11. Rating: **** [Semi-Finals]: Stanislav Moldovanov defeated Nico Voight by countout in 0:09:03. Rating: *** 1/4 [Pieter Talley interfered against Nico Voight.] [Finals]: Stanislav Moldovanov pinned Storm Gill with the Piledriver in 0:05:15. Rating: *** No-Time-Limit-Match for the vacant KWO AOA World Tag Team Titles: Micah Howell and Ulani Nam'ulu defeated Raleigh Martinez and Stanislav Moldovanov when U. Nam'ulu pinned S. Moldovanov with the Powerbomb in 0:08:24. Rating: **** (Micah Howell and Ulani Nam'ulu won the KWO AOA World Tag Team Titles.) No-Time-Limit-Triangle Match: Mitsuhiro Nakamura defeated Amir Deri and Charles Bridarolli: x M. Nakamura beat C. Bridarolli via a Cradle DDT in 0:15:09 x M. Nakamura beat A. Deri via countout in 0:17:25 Rating: -** 1/4 Card rating: ** Match observations:
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, 01-16-2022