Elimination Chamber 2018

Elimination Chamber Match: Micah Howell won a 19-man Elimination Chamber Match: x A. Deri and A. Cargill started out. x Donato Baron entered at 0:02:00 x Julio Vega entered at 0:04:00 x George Sayfritz entered at 0:06:00 x Gadji Katasonovs entered at 0:08:00 x Jean-Claude Mikula entered at 0:10:00 x Nico Voight entered at 0:12:00 x Luis Miguel Ruiz entered at 0:14:00 x Roy Gramenz entered at 0:16:00 x Pieter Talley entered at 0:18:00 x Ohmi Chano entered at 0:20:00 x Stanislav Moldovanov entered at 0:22:00 x Micah Howell entered at 0:24:00 x Emilio Ortiz entered at 0:26:00 x Giorgio Araboni entered at 0:28:00 x G. Sayfritz defeated O. Chano after a German suplex in 0:28:42 x G. Sayfritz defeated A. Deri after a German suplex in 0:28:47 x G. Sayfritz defeated A. Cargill after a Northern Lights suplex in 0:28:49 x J. Mikula defeated L. Ruiz in 0:29:07 x Mika Fatialofa entered at 0:30:00 x Aziz Dunaj entered at 0:32:00 x Joaquin Compean entered at 0:34:00 x J. Mikula defeated R. Gramenz after the Piledriver in 0:40:04 x G. Katasonovs defeated P. Talley after a Thunder Fire Power Bomb in 0:49:57 x J. Mikula defeated G. Sayfritz after the Running Forearm Smash in 0:51:28 x G. Katasonovs defeated D. Baron after a shooting star press in 0:56:20 x G. Katasonovs defeated J. Mikula after a small package in 1:04:10 x S. Moldovanov defeated J. Compean after a Frankensteiner from the top rope in 1:14:31 x A. Dunaj defeated N. Voight after a Cradle DDT in 1:15:50 x S. Moldovanov defeated J. Vega after a small package in 1:18:53 x S. Moldovanov defeated G. Katasonovs after the Piledriver in 1:19:52 x G. Araboni defeated A. Dunaj after the Piledriver in 1:27:25 x G. Araboni defeated E. Ortiz after a moonsault from the second turnbuckle in 1:28:46 x G. Araboni defeated S. Moldovanov after a double underhook superplex in 1:31:28 x M. Fatialofa defeated G. Araboni after the torture rack in 1:37:05 x M. Howell defeated M. Fatialofa after the DDT in 1:40:30 Rating: **** 1/4 Elimination Chamber Match: Taijiro Kamono won a 2-man Elimination Chamber Match: x T. Kamono and R. Martinez started out. x T. Kamono defeated R. Martinez after the Powerbomb in 0:07:36 Rating: **** 1/4 (Taijiro Kamono won the KWO AOA World.) Card rating: **** 1/4 Match observations:
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, 01-16-2022