Fatal 4 Way 2021

No-Time-Limit-Four Corners Match: Storm Gill defeated Audrey Beaulieu, Ken Lewis and Logan Lewis: x K. Lewis beat A. Beaulieu via pinfall in 0:09:40 x S. Gill beat L. Lewis via a rollover in 0:27:15 x S. Gill beat K. Lewis via a short arm scissors in 0:33:27 Rating: *** 1/2 No-Time-Limit-Four Corners Match: Ryan Chan defeated Danielle Bouchard, Jamie Lefebvre and Laurence Lee: x D. Bouchard beat J. Lefebvre via the Over-The-Shoulder Reverse Piledriver in 0:25:12 x R. Chan beat D. Bouchard via the Reverse Rolling Cutter in 0:33:07 x R. Chan beat L. Lee via the Reverse Rolling Cutter in 0:40:10 Rating: ** No-Time-Limit-Four Corners Match: Laura Wong defeated Eyk Menz, Laurie Bergeron and Hailey Morrison: x L. Bergeron beat E. Menz via pinfall in 0:29:10 x H. Morrison beat L. Bergeron via the T-Bone Suplex in 0:34:20 x L. Wong beat H. Morrison via the Springboard Inverted Lung Blower in 0:39:12 Rating: *** Card rating: ** 3/4 Match observations:
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, 01-16-2022