February Fallout

28-Man Battle Royal: Morbid won an 28-man Royal Rumble: x Myst and J. Elkayam started out. x Myst threw out J. Elkayam after a dropkick in 0:01:51 x Black Diamond entered at 0:02:00 x Deranged entered at 0:04:00 x Ajax entered at 0:06:00 x Felina entered at 0:08:00 x Lauren Hall entered at 0:10:00 x Morbid entered at 0:12:00 x Silei Rokeni entered at 0:14:00 x Razz entered at 0:16:00 x S. Rokeni threw out Razz after a Canadian backbreaker in 0:17:08 x Total Insanity entered at 0:18:00 x Maidel Driks entered at 0:20:00 x Felina threw out Myst after a clothesline in 0:20:02 x Nico Voight entered at 0:22:00 x Total Insanity threw out Felina after a spinning leg lariat in 0:22:40 x Deranged threw out Ajax in 0:23:09 x Rinko Matsubara entered at 0:24:00 x N. Voight threw out Deranged in 0:25:06 x Samoanna Patu entered at 0:26:00 x Clover entered at 0:28:00 x Total Insanity threw out R. Matsubara in 0:28:47 x Scorpyan entered at 0:30:00 x Scorpyan threw out N. Voight after a faceslam in 0:31:14 x Sylver entered at 0:32:00 x Major Mayhem entered at 0:34:00 x Acyd Rain entered at 0:36:00 x Krow entered at 0:38:00 x Acyd Rain threw out Major Mayhem after a tiger suplex in 0:38:07 x S. Patu threw out Clover after a punch in 0:38:22 x Katsuo Inagaki entered at 0:40:00 x Vampyro entered at 0:42:00 x Ryosuke Saiki entered at 0:44:00 x K. Inagaki threw out Black Diamond in 0:44:27 x Acyd Rain threw out Scorpyan in 0:45:55 x Dayanaray Diaz entered at 0:46:00 x L. Hall threw out Sylver in 0:47:42 x Misfit entered at 0:48:00 x Morbid threw out Acyd Rain in 0:49:41 x D. Diaz threw out Krow in 0:49:59 x Kunishige Araiba entered at 0:50:00 x Total Insanity threw out L. Hall in 0:50:55 x S. Patu threw out Total Insanity after a tilt-a-whirl powerslam in 0:51:09 x Glacir entered at 0:52:00 x Vampyro threw out Glacir in 0:54:16 x M. Driks threw out S. Rokeni after a takeover suplex in 0:56:42 x K. Inagaki threw out S. Patu in 0:59:37 x Misfit threw out K. Inagaki after a sleeperhold in 1:03:16 x Morbid threw out Misfit in 1:07:40 x Morbid threw out Vampyro in 1:07:50 x Morbid threw out M. Driks in 1:10:27 x R. Saiki threw out K. Araiba in 1:15:04 x D. Diaz threw out R. Saiki after a roll away in 1:18:34 x Morbid threw out D. Diaz after an overhead belly-to-belly suplex in 1:20:45 Rating: **** Click here to see highlights. Card rating: **** Match observations:
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, 01-16-2022