Jennifer MacDonald hits Laurence Lee with an elbow.
Jennifer MacDonald uses a leg lariat on Laurence Lee.
Jennifer MacDonald goes for a hiptoss, but Laurence Lee reverses it.
In turn, Jennifer MacDonald counters it with a lariat.
Jennifer MacDonald attempts a rana, but Laurence Lee counters it with a power
Rudy Charles counts: One, kickout.
A few fans are cheering on Laurence Lee.
Laurence Lee works the crowd.
Laurence Lee suddenly slides out of the ring.
She retrieves brass knuckles.
Laurence Lee hits her with the knuckles.
Laurence Lee executes the Twisting Flying Bodypress against Jennifer MacDonald.
Rudy Charles counts: One, two, three.
Laurence Lee has the crowd going wild.

The winner is Laurence Lee. Time of match: 0:11:15

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, 01-16-2022