Aidan Grant reenters the ring.
Laurence Lee follows him back in.
Aidan Grant executes a diving headbutt against Laurence Lee.
Aidan Grant hits an armbar takedown on Laurence Lee.
Aidan Grant goes for a bulldog, but Laurence Lee counters it with a back
Laurence Lee is getting a good reaction from the crowd.
Laurence Lee performs a basement dropkick against Aidan Grant.
Laurence Lee hits the Sammartino slingshot on Aidan Grant.
Laurence Lee throws Aidan Grant into the turnbuckle, but Aidan Grant reverses
Aidan Grant charges into the corner.
Aidan Grant executes a slingshot bodyblock against Laurence Lee.
Andrew Thomas counts: One, two, three.
The crowd is behind Aidan Grant all the way.

The winner is Aidan Grant. Time of match: 0:11:02

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, 01-16-2022