They lock up.
Jayme Clash nails Sylver with a leg lariat.
Jayme Clash whips Sylver into the ropes, but Sylver reverses it.
Sylver hits Jayme Clash with a shoulderblock.
Sylver nails Jayme Clash with a chop.
Sylver chops Jayme Clash.
The crowd is going crazy.
Sylver chops Jayme Clash.
Sylver whips Jayme Clash into the ropes.
Sylver goes for an inverted atomic drop, but Jayme Clash blocks it.
Jayme Clash nails Sylver with a short lariat.
Charles Robinson counts: One, two, three.
The decibel level in the building is unbelievable.

The winner is Jayme Clash. Time of match: 0:00:42

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, 01-16-2022