They lock up.
Krow goes for a gutwrench suplex, but Acyd Rain blocks it.
Acyd Rain whips Krow into the ropes.
Acyd Rain and Krow get hit with a double clothesline.
Acyd Rain hits a German suplex on Krow.
James Beard counts: One, two, kickout.
Acyd Rain hits Krow with a savate kick.
Acyd Rain executes a Yakuza kick on Krow.
Acyd Rain is going for the pin.
James Beard counts: One, two, in the ropes...
Acyd Rain puts Krow in a half Boston.
Acyd Rain lets go after 5 seconds.
Acyd Rain executes the STF on Krow.
Krow is struggling to reach the ropes.
Krow tries to fight the pain.
Krow submits after 21 seconds.
All of a sudden, the boos are turning into almost unanimous cheers.

The winner is Acyd Rain. Time of match: 0:01:20

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, 01-16-2022