House Show 36

23-Man Battle Royal: Shelton won a 23-man Royal Rumble: x M. Driks and N. Voight started out. x M. Driks threw out N. Voight after a duck-down move in 0:01:42 x Acyd Rain entered at 0:02:00 x The Fabulous King entered at 0:04:00 x Jayme Clash entered at 0:06:00 x Charlie entered at 0:08:00 x Charlie threw out JC in 0:08:15 x Acyd Rain threw out M. Driks in 0:09:07 x Silei Rokeni entered at 0:10:00 x Ryosuke Saiki entered at 0:12:00 x R. Saiki threw out Acyd Rain in 0:12:30 x Deranged entered at 0:14:00 x Krow entered at 0:16:00 x S. Rokeni threw out Charlie after a Cradle DDT in 0:16:34 x T. King threw out Deranged in 0:16:40 x R. Saiki threw out Krow in 0:17:00 x R. Saiki threw out T. King after a flying forearm in 0:17:31 x R. Saiki threw out S. Rokeni after a single-leg takedown in 0:17:59 x Pablo Sanchez entered at 0:18:00 x Ravid Ghrayib entered at 0:20:00 x Major Mayhem entered at 0:22:00 x Jordan Freeman entered at 0:24:00 x Vampyro entered at 0:26:00 x R. Saiki threw out Major Mayhem in 0:26:13 x Dayanaray Diaz entered at 0:28:00 x Scorpyan entered at 0:30:00 x Samoanna Patu entered at 0:32:00 x R. Ghrayib threw out S. Patu in 0:32:39 x R. Ghrayib threw out J. Freeman after an enzuilariato in 0:33:06 x Sylver entered at 0:34:00 x Felina entered at 0:36:00 x R. Ghrayib threw out P. Sanchez after a high knee in 0:37:45 x Johanna Elkayam entered at 0:38:00 x J. Elkayam threw out D. Diaz after a belly-to-back suplex in 0:39:24 x Shelton entered at 0:40:00 x King Warrior entered at 0:42:00 x K. Warrior threw out R. Ghrayib after a flying shoulderblock in 0:42:55 x K. Warrior threw out J. Elkayam in 0:42:59 x Felina threw out K. Warrior in 0:45:51 x R. Saiki threw out Felina after a leg lariat in 0:46:07 x R. Saiki threw out Vampyro after a sleeperhold in 0:49:38 x Shelton threw out Sylver in 0:50:24 x Shelton threw out R. Saiki in 0:50:33 x Shelton threw out Scorpyan after a Northern Lights suplex in 0:52:38 Rating: *** 3/4 Click here to see highlights. No-Time-Limit-Triangle Match: Shelton and Charlie defeated Acyd Rain and Ravid Ghrayib and Kings Of The World (King Warrior and The Fabulous King): x T. King beat Acyd Rain via disqualification in 0:21:36 x Charlie beat K. Warrior via a power bomb in 0:26:45 Rating: *** (Shelton and Charlie retained the KWO AOA World Tag Team Titles.) [Miss Jackie interfered against The Fabulous King.] [Miss Jackie interfered against King Warrior.] Click here to see highlights. Card rating: *** Match observations:
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, 01-16-2022