House Show 23

Four Corners Match: Buzzsaw drew Deranged, Fire Fury and Total Insanity: x Total Insanity beat Deranged via disqualification in 0:16:59 x Buzzsaw beat Fire Fury via the Brain Buster in 0:18:34 x time limit expired (Buzzsaw and Total Insanity) in 0:20:00 Rating: ** 1/2 Acyd Rain pinned Black Diamond after a figure-four leglock in 0:11:11. Rating: *** Mega Superstar pinned Kryptik with the Rock Bottom in 0:06:53. Rating: ** [Mazteryouz interfered against Kryptik.] Clover pinned Jeriko after a Frankensteiner in 0:00:33. Rating: * Bronze and Scorpyan battled to a double countout in 0:07:30. Rating: * 3/4 Kazaar pinned Heart Throb with the Juvy Driver in 0:13:23. Rating: *** 1/2 Krow pinned Infinity with the Evenflow DDT in 0:10:17. Rating: *** Morbid pinned The Maniac with the F-8 in 0:18:30. Rating: ** 3/4 Vampyro pinned Sylver with the Vampiro Spike in 0:18:18. Rating: ** 3/4 Mazteryouz pinned Major Mayhem with the Fall From Grace in 0:07:34. Rating: *** 1/2 Awezome pinned Ajax with the Awezome Bomb in 0:12:38. Rating: * 3/4 Card rating: ** 1/2 Match observations:
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, 01-16-2022