Queen Of The Ring

11-Man Battle Royal: Silei Rokeni won a 11-man Royal Rumble: x A. Kobayashi and S. Patu started out. x S. Patu threw out A. Kobayashi after a savate kick in 0:01:59 x Eko Kondo entered at 0:02:00 x Lauren Hall entered at 0:04:00 x Bruna Dusi entered at 0:06:00 x B. Dusi threw out L. Hall in 0:06:42 x Alisha Kear entered at 0:08:00 x Silei Rokeni entered at 0:10:00 x Johanna Elkayam entered at 0:12:00 x E. Kondo threw out A. Kear after a flying lariat in 0:12:13 x Dayanaray Diaz entered at 0:14:00 x Maidel Driks entered at 0:16:00 x D. Diaz threw out J. Elkayam in 0:17:03 x Yehiel Hadiya entered at 0:18:00 x S. Rokeni threw out B. Dusi in 0:25:29 x S. Patu threw out Y. Hadiya in 0:29:50 x E. Kondo threw out D. Diaz in 0:35:00 x M. Driks threw out E. Kondo after the Tumbleweed in 0:39:47 x S. Rokeni threw out M. Driks after a kneelock submission in 0:41:31 x S. Rokeni threw out S. Patu in 0:44:07 Rating: **** Click here to see highlights. Card rating: **** Match observations:
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, 01-16-2022