Saviour Returns

Aaron Cargill pinned Jean-Claude Mikula after a small package in 0:15:02. Rating: *** 1/4 Taijiro Kamono pinned Emilio Ortiz with the Powerbomb in 0:08:16. Rating: -** Micah Howell pinned Gadji Katasonovs with the DDT in 0:10:54. Rating: 3/4* Joaquin Compean pinned Luis Miguel Ruiz with the Piledriver in 0:11:41. Rating: *** [Micah Howell interfered against Luis Miguel Ruiz.] Ohmi Chano pinned Roy Gramenz after a reverse top rope Frankensteiner in 0:07:45. Rating: ** 3/4 No-Time-Limit-Match where the title can change hands via DQ or countout: Brotherhood Of The Apocalypse (Donato Baron and Mika Fatialofa) defeated Amir Deri and Aziz Dunaj when D. Baron defeated A. Deri when A. Deri passed out in the Boston Crab in 0:13:25. Rating: ** (Brotherhood Of The Apocalypse retained the KWO AOA World Tag Team Titles.) George Sayfritz defeated Stanislav Moldovanov by disqualification in 0:05:31. Rating: *** 1/2 [Amir Deri interfered against George Sayfritz.] Pieter Talley defeated Giorgio Araboni when Giorgio Araboni passed out in the STF in 0:03:22. Rating: ** 3/4 Triangle Ladder Match where the title can change hands via DQ or countout: Nico Voight drew Raleigh Martinez and Julio Vega: x J. Vega beat R. Martinez in 0:15:47 x time limit expired (N. Voight and J. Vega) in 0:20:00 Rating: **** 1/4 (Julio Vega retained the KWO AOA World.) Card rating: *** Match observations:
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, 01-16-2022