World War 2

Ben Vieira and Charles Bridarolli defeated Hellz Most Wanted (Dead xXx and Demon X) when B. Vieira defeated Demon X by disqualification in 0:08:45. Rating: 1/2* Originals (Misfit and Myst) defeated Maksim Tskhadaya and Kazuharu Shiotani when Myst pinned M. Tskhadaya with the Twisting In The Myst in 0:11:56. Rating: *** 3/4 Elimination No-Time-Limit-Falls-Count-Anywhere Match: The Soul Assembly (Julio Vega, Micah Howell, Muertez, Nico Voight, Ohmi Chano, Pieter Talley, Raleigh Martinez, Storm Gill, Valu Soamoa and Vea Vaega) beat Ch urch Of Anarkie (Mortiz), MiniZtry Of Light (Mazteryouz) and Originals (Dreemer, Fire Fury, Jayme Clash, Kryptik, Morbid, Razz, Scorpyan and Suicide) 10 falls to 5: x V. Vaega beat Suicide via a Victory Roll in 0:04:06 x Jayme Clash beat V. Vaega via the Jaymes Clash in 0:07:18 x Jayme Clash beat V. Soamoa via the Jaymes Clash in 0:11:09 x N. Voight beat Razz via pinfall in 0:21:02 x N. Voight beat Jayme Clash via the Superkick in 0:22:13 x Muretez beat Dreemer via a chokehold in 0:33:42 x O. Chano beat Scorpyan via the torture rack in 0:39:27 x Kryptik beat O. Chano via the Choke Slam from Hell in 0:52:17 x J. Vega beat Mortiz via an armlock leglock submission in 1:02:41 x J. Vega beat Kryptik via a 450 splash in 1:06:13 x Fire Fury beat J. Vega via a springboard legdrop in 1:06:50 x R. Martinez beat Fire Fury via a sunset flip in 1:11:24 x S. Gill beat Mazteryouz via the Flying Legdrop in 1:21:29 x Morbid beat S. Gill via the F-8 in 1:25:50 x P. Talley beat Morbid via a fisherman suplex in 1:29:25 Survivors: Raleigh Martinez, Pieter Talley, Nico Voight, Muertez, Micah Howell Rating: *** Card rating: *** 1/4 Match observations:
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, 01-16-2022