Elimination Chamber 2018

Elimination Chamber
Elimination Chamber
Elimination Chamber Match:
Nikkia Puzyrev won a 16-man Elimination Chamber Match:
         x D. Burillo and S. Begines started out.
         x Chiara  Armillei entered at 0:02:00
         x Abriana   Brighi entered at 0:04:00
         x Xiomarysy Ramirez entered at 0:06:00
         x Sheera Tsarfati entered at 0:08:00
         x Misao Fujiwara entered at 0:10:00
         x Maria Velazquez entered at 0:12:00
         x Annmarie  Stendardo entered at 0:14:00
         x M. Fujiwara defeated C. Armillei in 0:15:46
         x Mackenzie Earl entered at 0:16:00
         x Brandyey Quintana entered at 0:18:00
         x Nikkia Puzyrev entered at 0:20:00
         x Thadine Tuama entered at 0:22:00
         x M. Velazquez defeated M. Fujiwara in 0:23:28
         x Ailsa Cohen entered at 0:24:00
         x Gaille Ben Margi entered at 0:26:00
         x Silei Falaniko entered at 0:28:00
         x M. Velazquez defeated A. Brighi after a spinning power bomb in
         x M. Velazquez defeated S. Tsarfati after a spinning power bomb in
         x G. Ben Margi defeated D. Burillo after a Frankensteiner in 1:08:55
         x S. Begines defeated S. Falaniko after a choke lift in 1:13:34
         x A. Stendardo defeated T. Tuama after the Flying Legdrop in 1:15:32
         x A. Stendardo defeated A. Cohen after a running power bomb in 1:15:39
         x G. Ben Margi defeated S. Begines after the Tombstone in 1:21:14
         x G. Ben Margi defeated M. Velazquez after the Tombstone in 1:23:26
         x M. Earl defeated G. Ben Margi after a top-rope DDT in 1:26:30
         x M. Earl defeated X. Ramirez after a Samoan Drop in 1:28:08
         x A. Stendardo defeated B. Quintana after the Flying Legdrop in
         x A. Stendardo defeated M. Earl after the Flying Legdrop in 1:43:30
         x N. Puzyrev defeated A. Stendardo after a short lariat in 1:43:50
Rating: **** 1/4

Card rating: **** 1/4