Hell In A Cell 2020

Hell In A Cell
Hell In A Cell
Elimination Chamber Match:
Eyk Menz won a 25-person Elimination Chamber Match:
         x B. Bell and T. Scott started out.
         x T. Scott defeated B. Bell in 0:00:10
         x Adam Jones entered at 0:02:00
         x Gregory Green entered at 0:04:00
         x Eric Thompson entered at 0:06:00
         x James Ross entered at 0:08:00
         x Durrant Simpson entered at 0:10:00
         x Philippe Collins entered at 0:12:00
         x Michael Robertson entered at 0:14:00
         x Nick Bennett entered at 0:16:00
         x T. Scott defeated J. Ross in 0:16:52
         x Colton Parsons entered at 0:18:00
         x Brad MacDonald entered at 0:20:00
         x Kevin Deschenes entered at 0:22:00
         x Ben Fraser entered at 0:24:00
         x Etienne Morin entered at 0:26:00
         x Owen Thomas entered at 0:28:00
         x Leo Lindermann entered at 0:30:00
         x Eyk Menz entered at 0:32:00
         x Tyler Thompson entered at 0:34:00
         x Daichi Tsuda entered at 0:36:00
         x Colton Fournier entered at 0:38:00
         x Nicholas Collins entered at 0:40:00
         x Will Graham entered at 0:42:00
         x Tyler Leblanc entered at 0:44:00
         x Jules Parsons entered at 0:46:00
         x D. Tsuda defeated M. Robertson after a forearm choke in 0:46:58
         x B. Fraser defeated D. Tsuda in 1:12:13
         x C. Parsons defeated D. Simpson after the Top-Rope Frankensteiner in
         x B. Fraser defeated T. Leblanc after a pumphandle gutbuster in
         x E. Menz defeated G. Green after the Piledriver in 2:20:24
         x J. Parsons defeated E. Thompson after the Somersault Slam in 3:10:59
         x N. Bennett defeated E. Morin in 3:22:43
         x B. Fraser defeated A. Jones in 3:58:53
         x C. Parsons defeated N. Bennett after a facerake in 4:26:33
         x B. MacDonald defeated T. Scott after a slingshot bodyblock in
         x B. MacDonald defeated N. Collins after a gutbuster in 6:34:50
         x T. Thompson defeated P. Collins after a springboard cross body press
 in 6:43:26
         x T. Thompson defeated K. Deschenes after a swinging fisherman suplex
 in 7:16:20
         x W. Graham defeated T. Thompson after the Reverse Neckbreaker in
         x O. Thomas defeated C. Fournier after an electric chair facebuster in
         x W. Graham defeated C. Parsons after a slingshot bodyblock in 7:26:16
         x B. Fraser defeated W. Graham after the Backspin DDT in 7:32:31
         x E. Menz defeated B. MacDonald after the Piledriver in 7:37:34
         x O. Thomas defeated B. Fraser after the Garvin Stomp in 7:45:52
         x O. Thomas defeated J. Parsons after the Garvin Stomp in 7:52:52
         x E. Menz defeated O. Thomas after the Piledriver in 7:57:03
         x E. Menz defeated L. Lindermann after a Tombstone in 8:02:24
Rating: **** 1/4

Card rating: **** 1/4