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January 16 2022
Results for Revolution 2022 is now online, check'em out under results

So far we haven't announced our February event
January 10 2022
Looks like KWOFST got the cold shoulder shortly after announcing the first event for 2022.
If your unaware of what that means, it means that they have been shuffled to the "past" section of the site.

Over the last few weeks I've had ideas that I thought about trying out for KWOAOA however due to many things going on right now I don't have the privildge of being able to run KWOAOA and KWOFST plus try out new ideas as something had to take a back seat so I decided to put KWOFST to rest, the stars of KWOFST will join KWOAOA which will double the roster size that they already have. I haven't decided if the title will come forth or not that will be decided  in the future, right now it'll be left alone
January 9 2022
KWOFST announced it's January event.
December 29 2021
KWOFST Battleground has been ran, check the results
December 13 2021
I also removed Zeus Pro Geeksoft & AWE from the results, it's no longer a drop down menu it's simply just a button
Zeus Pro can no longer be found online, if it is it's difficult to find.. But also in saying that it quit working for Windows as of Vista
AWE can still be found online but as the developer has noted he has no interest updating it any longer so it's considered abandoned

So I want to encourage those who are interested to purchase TNM7 and TNM Tournament Edition
Since they are still being updated and work for Windows including Windows 11

I never did delete the results from AWE or Zeus Pro, just the link to them, as the results will remain apart of this site since they are apart of our past.
Similar to the Classics they will also always remain on this site, just the link has been removed.
December 12 2021
I reverted the classics back to the classic looks. In the near future I'll no doubt remove the Classic links from the navigation (perhaps next update)
While they will always be apart of the site, I feel that I have no reason to keep "promoting" them .. As they are apart of the past for a reason
December 10 2021
Decided to run "Death of 2021"
results listed under results/current
December 9 2021
Took a  bit longer than expected but the December event for KWOFST is ... Battle Ground (image to right)
No date announced.. I'm not good at keeping dates for these things. So that's your final two events for the year that will be happening this month
December 6 2021
Removed / moved champions under the Title History selection.. Also has Past champions which later got renamed to Past Championships.. Then champions got renamed to Current Championships.. The past you can see all the champions from our classics easily laid out
December 4 2021
I redid 90% of this site, in a way to make my life easier.. Been thinking about redoing the sites for KKW,VWXO,KUWC.. Or perhaps just eliminating them all together, I could technically add them as a part of the classics navigation since all of those sites are just listed as more/less a landing page for people to read the results.. I don't need that now.. Perhaps that change is coming in the near future.. Can always add the titles of those circuits to the champions page but add a "past championships" section... I like the sound of that, that gives me ideas... Well we'll see how things work out got a few other things I must do first

Change of plans, not going to do a drop down menu into a drop down menu. I can see how that can be confusing for some and a tedious task for myself. Instead of that I'm going to try something a bit different for example:

KKW - site got completely removed, but the results being strictly ran on TNM can easily be linked direclty to so that eliminates the need for an actual site
KUWC - site got remodeled, using similar concept I used for the rest of this site but showcasing the few graphics of KUWC that I had.
VWXO - also site modeled and a much simplier site

Been doing some "cleaning" if you will since I had a whole slew of folders of wrestling graphics from when I started everything way back in the day, most of the graphics looked like shit cause they were created on a old program on a rather small monitor, so I tossed them.. They looked pixelated (need I say more ?)
But I came across graphics that have never seen the light of day and my first thought was... DAMN this would be awesome for KWOFST

I also came across almost 100mb of wrestlers created with the app known as "Poser" that I found online and stored, I was going to use them at various points to make things seem more realistic but everytime I began to use them I thought it made things look stupid and cheap and a site from the 90s so I scrapped that shit.. It feels good to get rid of a whole bunch of old graphics and shit I won't use anymore.. I have this bad habit of holding onto things thinking I'm going to use things again when all they do is sit.. Over the last year I've been getting rid of things more often than not since most of the graphics I create are a "one and done" once they get used they won't get used again so I don't keep them.. I don't need to back every single graphic up.. As I said I had graphics from back in the 2000s that I kept thinking I would use.
I kept a few, event images I figure would work perfectly for KWOFST for the time being as I use them I'll delete them if I'm going to use that name again, I'll create a new graphic I think my skills have increased for graphics a bunch since then since I use different apps that make life easier

On that note, I'll be naming the KWOFST event for December in the next 1-3 days
December 2 2021
Back on awardspace I had issues uploading with filehostia (not sure why) anyways, decided to keep the sides I had setup as you can see the poster for the December event for KWOAOA I'll be announcing one for KWOFST soon as well.

Speaking of which, I will no longer be using numbers as event names for KWOFST from here on out. Going to stick with just names
December 1 2021
Welcome to the world of the new navigation, I haven't decided if I'm keeping up the columns on either side of the page KWO (left) FST (right) since they really serve no purpose anymore. Right now they just are showcasing the companies logos and what we use to run things.. As I said it seems to serve no purpose anymore, but for the time being they shall remain.. I guess the long/skinny of it is I don't like doing a huge amount of changes to sites all at once, I'll give things a day or so and see how the visits happen if they are anymore/less and I'll view the site on a smaller screen like my tablet and see how things look, since I'm currently using a larger monitor so for me the site always looks good, but those on smaller screens may dislike previous changes that I've made

Also made another change behind the scenes that nobody else will see but me, in order to make my life easier for keeping things updated
November 30 2021
Been eyeballing some site changes I've thought about doing.. Such as new Navigation, instead of side menus a top menu.. I haven't fully decided if I wanted to do it or not.. It's more so I don't know if I want to commit to the effort/time right now. I would also scrap the animated graphic up top if I did... Who knows I may, haven't decided either way right now
November 28 2021
Our next event, will be:
It will  happen sometime in December and will be our FINAL EVENT of 2021