Loser Leaves Town - Day 1


Loser Leaves Town - Day 1:

The Pit
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Tuesday, December 03, 2013
7207 / 18018
Your commentators are Teddie Arnold and Jose Berry

Judas & Abyzz defeated Hellz Most Wanted when Abyzz beat Dead xXx with the Black Hole Slam in 5:17.
Match rating: ** ¾

Judas & Abyzz defeated The Misfits by DQ in 47:42 when M. Misfit hit Abyzz with throws a fireball at him.
Match rating: UNWATCHABLE (between -** and -****)

Judas & Abyzz defeated Never Give Up when Judas beat No Escape with the Straight to Hell in 21:43.
Match rating: ** ¾
(Judas & Abyzz won the KWOAOA Tag Team.)

Overall card rating: ¾ *