Monday Mayhem


Monday Mayhem:

Saitama Super Arena
Monday, November 11, 2013
14800 / 37000
Your commentators are Teddie Arnold and Jose Berry

Ona Luz defeated Aimee Rea with the roll-up in 7:20.
Match rating: * ¾

Angelina Kalvin defeated Grace Lawson with the roll-up in 7:12.
Match rating: ¾ *

Ellie Rance defeated Carmen Bautista with the roll-up in 20:28.
Match rating: DUD

Never Give Up defeated Hellz Most Wanted when No Surrender beat Dead xXx with the Inverted DDT in 13:26.
Match rating: ***

Nico Voight defeated Fire Fury with the Superkick in 29:14.
Match rating: *** ¼

Domination defeated Costas Watt with the Michinoku Driver in 42:10.
Match rating: SPECTACULARLY AWFUL (-**** or more)

Overall card rating: ¼ *