One Small Step

Elimination Chamber Match:
Maidel Driks won a 7-man Elimination Chamber Match:
         x D. Diaz and Felina started out.
         x Jordan Freeman entered at 0:02:00
         x Maidel Driks entered at 0:04:00
         x Samoanna Patu entered at 0:06:00
         x Silei Rokeni entered at 0:08:00
         x J. Freeman defeated Felina after a backward kick in 0:09:29
         x Johanna Elkayam entered at 0:10:00
         x D. Diaz defeated J. Elkayam after a Victory Roll in 0:29:34
         x D. Diaz defeated S. Patu after a Victory Roll in 0:29:43
         x D. Diaz defeated J. Freeman after a Victory Roll in 0:29:45
         x S. Rokeni defeated D. Diaz after a flying legdrop in 0:31:35
         x M. Driks defeated S. Rokeni after an Aztecan suplex in 0:34:00
Rating: **** 1/4
(Maidel Driks retained the KWO AOA Vixxenz.)
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Card rating: **** 1/4