Revenge 4 U

Elimination Chamber Match:
Acyd Rain won a 6-man Elimination Chamber Match:
         x Major Mayhem and Vampyro started out.
         x Deranged entered at 0:02:00
         x Razz entered at 0:04:00
         x Acyd Rain entered at 0:06:00
         x Krow entered at 0:08:00
         x Krow defeated Razz after the Evenflow DDT in 0:17:33
         x Krow defeated Deranged after the Evenflow DDT in 0:29:02
         x Vampyro defeated Krow after the Vampiro Spike in 0:32:47
         x Acyd Rain defeated Vampyro after a Yakuza kick in 0:33:13
         x Acyd Rain defeated Major Mayhem after a power bomb in 0:33:29
Rating: **** 1/4

No-Time-Limit-Falls-Count-Anywhere Match:
Samoanna Patu pinned Silei Rokeni after a kick to the head in 0:14:23.
Rating: *** 3/4

No-Time-Limit-I-Quit Match:
Ajax defeated Nico Voight when Nico Voight passed out in a front facelock in
Rating: ** 1/4

No-Time-Limit-No-Countout-No-DQ-Falls-Count-Anywhere Match:
Clover pinned Kryptik after an armlock leglock submission in 0:16:57.
Rating: ***

Card rating: ***