Tag Team Turmoil


Palace of Auburn Hills
Auburn Hills, Michigan
Sunday, November 10, 2013
8830 / 22076
Your commentators are Teddie Arnold and Jose Berry

The Misfits defeated Hellz Most Wanted when M. Misfit beat Dead xXx with the Twist of Fate in 38:57.
Match rating: *

Ladder Match - Ladder Match:
The Misfits defeated Hellz Most Wanted in 49:55 when J. Misfit climbed the ladder and grabbed the Briefcase.
Match rating: DUD

Aimee Rea defeated Taylor Ito with the roll-up in 50:11.
Match rating: SPECTACULARLY AWFUL (-**** or more)

Audrey Bernatik defeated Ona Luz with the roll-up in 22:31.
Match rating: UNWATCHABLE (between -** and -****)

Nico Voight defeated Joaquin Compean with the Superkick in 33:19.
Match rating: * ¼
(Nico Voight retained the KWO AOA World Champion.)

Overall card rating: DUD