Battle Royal 2020

25-Person Battle Royal: Laura Smith won a 25-person Royal Rumble: x K. Russell and S. Clark started out. x K.

Elimination Chamber

Elimination Chamber 2018

Elimination Chamber Match: Nikkia Puzyrev won a 16-man Elimination Chamber Match: x D. Burillo and S. Begines started out. x…


Ladder Match 2018

Triangle Ladder Match: Ailsa Cohen defeated Maria Velazquez and Sonora Begines in 0:07:51. Rating: * 1/2 Triangle Ladder Match: Abriana…


Signed Sealed Delivered

Xiomarysy Ramirez pinned Annmarie Stendardo with the Piledriver in 0:06:40. Rating: *** Sheera Tsarfati pinned Brandyey Quintana after a reverse…


Summerslam 2018

Abriana Brighi pinned Maria Velazquez after a spinning thrust kick in 0:14:05 . Rating: * (Abriana Brighi won the KVW…



Misao Fujiwara pinned Xiomarysy Ramirez with the Powerslam in 0:03:18. Rating: *** Annmarie Stendardo pinned Mackenzie Earl with the Flying…