The Calm

Glacir made Deranged submit to a full nelson in 0:12:58.
Rating: ***

Triangle Match:
Daishiro Iwai defeated Krow and Major Mayhem:
         x Krow beat Major Mayhem via a powerslam in 0:06:32
         x D. Iwai beat Krow via a Frankensteiner in 0:12:21
Rating: ****

Acyd Rain defeated Razz by disqualification in 0:00:37.
Rating: *
[Krow interfered against Acyd Rain.]

Dayanaray Diaz pinned Felina with the Powerslam in 0:05:02.
Rating: ** 1/4

Maidel Driks pinned Lauren Hall with the Tombstone in 0:12:01.
Rating: *** 1/4

Clover made Black Diamond submit to the Ankle Lock Submission in 0:16:02.
Rating: ***
(Clover retained the KWO AOA World.)

Card rating: ** 3/4