TNM 7 SE Enhancement Talent Generator 2.0

TNM 7 SE Enhancement Talent Generator 2.0
TNM 7 SE Enhancement Talent Generator 2.0

Alright it's been a minute, more like a few months since I last touched TNM. The last time I touched it I think I was on TNM7 Update 11, I know update 12 is out and it's got a lot of cool enhancements and I've changed things up from KWOAOA (Ken's Wrestling Organization - All Out Action) to KWU (Ken's Wrestling Universe) .. honestly I don't know if I overly like KWU and I may change back to KWOAOA but right now I don't know, it's kind of a time will tell thing.

But moving on, prior to Oct 28th for you to make actual fictional wrestlers who weren't jobbers you had to do one of two things:

1 - Base the wrestler off of someone and download that template from one of the great TNM Communities

2 - Use the Random Wrestler Generation, however the RWG was later discontinued and removed from the TNM7 site, but I still had a copy of it on my backup drive and would constantly use it because I'm lazy. Plus that's the thing that made KWOAOA Legend Nico "The Messiah" Voight   

So earlier this year Oliver (the man behind TNM7 in case you didn't know) came out with the TNM7SE Enhancement Talent Generator, the original creation and version 1 was only designed to do just that, create enhancement talent (aka jobbers).. I paid for it cause I had a few ideas in mind but this didn't fulfill my ideas so a thread was started on TNM 316 (link) started by yours truly asking for a few changes to be made to the Enhancement Talent Generator the first post was back in June and I had various other community members who would add to it helping things take shape.

Now version 2.0 of the product has been released.

At this point in time I haven't played with it, nor have I even installed it if you want me to be completely honest. I'm hoping to do so soon, however as of late life has a funny way of not working the way I want it to.

Sadly I'm secretly very disappointed in myself because I usually do Hell In A Cell in the month of October but I haven't gotten around to do (yet ?)