Triple Threat Tuesday - Part 3


Triple Threat Tuesday - Part 3:

Marriott Center
Provo, Utah
Tuesday, November 12, 2013
9080 / 22700
Your commentators are Teddie Arnold and Jose Berry

Aimee Rea defeated Ellie Rance, and Taylor Ito when A. Rea beat E. Rance with the roll-up in 28:13.
Match rating: UNWATCHABLE (between -** and -****)

Audrey Bernatik defeated Grace Lawson, and Tiffiny when A. Bernatik beat Tiffiny with the roll-up in 28:26.
Match rating: UNWATCHABLE (between -** and -****)

Felina defeated Eva Honour, Holly Dewhurst, and Angelina Kalvin when Felina beat H. Dewhurst with the Sunset Split in 39:40.
Match rating: SPECTACULARLY AWFUL (-**** or more)
(Felina retained the KWO AOA Vixxxenz.)

Demon X defeated Costas Watt, and Stanislav Moldovanov when Demon X beat S. Moldovanov with the Martinette in 40:56.
Match rating: UNWATCHABLE (between -** and -****)

Dead xXx defeated Taijiro Kamono, and Domination when Dead xXx beat T. Kamono with the La Calabaza in 34:05.
Match rating: ¾ *

Jeff Misfit defeated Roy Gramenz, and George Sayfritz when J. Misfit beat R. Gramenz with the Swanton Bomb in 17:40.
Match rating: *** ¼

Joaquin Compean defeated Jean-Claude Mikula, and Tiger Lennon when J. Compean beat J. Mikula with the Piledriver in 24:47.
Match rating: ** ¾

Nico Voight defeated Emilio Ortiz, Micah Howell, and Gadji Katasonovs when N. Voight beat M. Howell with the Superkick in 42:50.
Match rating: DUD
(Nico Voight retained the KWO AOA World Champion.)

Overall card rating: DUD