War For Gold

42-Man Battle Royal for the vacant KWO AOA World:
Vea Vaega won a 42-man Royal Rumble:
         x P. Talley and T. Kamono started out.
         x Akinori Sakata entered at 0:02:00
         x T. Kamono threw out P. Talley after
a Frankensteiner from the top rope in 0:03:31
         x A. Sakata threw out G. Araboni in 0:04:00
         x Giorgio Araboni entered at 0:04:00
         x T. Kamono threw out A. Sakata in 0:04:06
         x Kazuharu Shiotani entered at 0:06:00
         x K. Shiotani threw out T. Kamono in 0:06:49
         x Luis Carlos Galindo entered at 0:08:00
         x K. Shiotani threw out L. Galindo after a spin kick in 0:08:56
         x Maksim Tskhadaya entered at 0:10:00
         x M. Tskhadaya defeated K. Shiotani after the Powerslam in 0:11:18
         x Roy Gramenz entered at 0:12:00
         x Muertez entered at 0:14:00
         x Muretez defeated R. Gramenz after a spear in 0:15:48
         x Aziz Dunaj entered at 0:16:00
         x Ohmi Chano entered at 0:18:00
         x O. Chano threw out A. Dunaj after a double underhook faceslam in
         x Muretez threw out O. Chano in 0:19:43
         x Destin Eastwood entered at 0:20:00
         x M. Tskhadaya threw out Muretez in 0:21:08
         x Aaron Cargill entered at 0:22:00
         x Ben Vieira entered at 0:24:00
         x M. Tskhadaya threw out A. Cargill in 0:24:20
         x Jean-Claude Mikula entered at 0:26:00
         x J. Mikula threw out M. Tskhadaya in 0:26:47
         x J. Mikula defeated D. Eastwood after a back suplex in 0:26:59
         x J. Mikula threw out B. Vieira after a jack-knife power bomb in
         x Micah Howell entered at 0:28:00
         x J. Mikula threw out M. Howell after a side step in 0:28:29
         x Gadji Katasonovs entered at 0:30:00
         x G. Katasonovs threw out J. Mikula in 0:30:45
         x George Sayfritz entered at 0:32:00
         x Nico Voight entered at 0:34:00
         x Valu Soamoa entered at 0:36:00
         x V. Soamoa defeated G. Katasonovs after a rana in 0:36:47
         x Luis Miguel Ruiz entered at 0:38:00
         x Shuichi Nakanishi entered at 0:40:00
         x G. Sayfritz threw out V. Soamoa in 0:40:40
         x Julio  Vega entered at 0:42:00
         x L. Ruiz threw out S. Nakanishi after a snap mare in 0:43:14
         x L. Ruiz threw out J. Vega after a fist to the midsection in 0:43:35
         x N. Voight threw out A. Pivato in 0:44:00
         x Andrea Pivato entered at 0:44:00
         x N. Voight threw out L. Ruiz in 0:44:11
         x G. Sayfritz threw out N. Voight after a butt-bump in 0:44:48
         x Raleigh  Martinez entered at 0:46:00
         x R. Martinez threw out G. Sayfritz in 0:47:48
         x Hiroaki Kushibiki entered at 0:48:00
         x H. Kushibiki defeated R. Martinez after a dragon suplex in 0:48:51
         x Donato Baron entered at 0:50:00
         x D. Baron threw out H. Kushibiki after a flying karate chop in
         x Mitsuhiro Nakamura entered at 0:52:00
         x D. Baron defeated M. Nakamura after the Boston Crab in 0:53:30
         x Stanislav Moldovanov entered at 0:54:00
         x S. Moldovanov threw out D. Baron in 0:54:22
         x Vincent  Ponce entered at 0:56:00
         x S. Moldovanov threw out V. Ponce after a savate kick in 0:56:14
         x Jair de Jesus Begines entered at 0:58:00
         x J. Begines threw out S. Moldovanov in 0:59:16
         x Storm Gill entered at 1:00:00
         x S. Gill threw out J. Begines after a punch in 1:01:58
         x Charles Bridarolli entered at 1:02:00
         x C. Bridarolli threw out S. Gill after a cartwheel kick in 1:02:26
         x Joaquin Compean entered at 1:04:00
         x Amir Deri entered at 1:06:00
         x Emilio Ortiz entered at 1:08:00
         x A. Deri threw out E. Ortiz in 1:09:43
         x A. Deri threw out C. Bridarolli in 1:09:46
         x A. Deri defeated J. Compean after the Powerbomb in 1:09:49
         x Mika Fatialofa entered at 1:10:00
         x M. Fatialofa defeated A. Deri after a flying elbowdrop in 1:11:00
         x Gadjimurad Ferzaliev entered at 1:12:00
         x Ulani Nam'ulu entered at 1:14:00
         x Shohei Okayama entered at 1:16:00
         x Damian alvarez Cuevas entered at 1:18:00
         x D. alvarez Cuevas defeated U. Nam'ulu after the DDT in 1:18:45
         x Vea Vaega entered at 1:20:00
         x G. Ferzaliev threw out M. Fatialofa after
a double chickenwing submission in 1:23:15
         x G. Ferzaliev threw out S. Okayama after a fisherman buster in
         x V. Vaega threw out G. Ferzaliev after a double-axhandle chop in
         x V. Vaega threw out D. alvarez Cuevas after
a handspring into a Frankensteiner in 1:25:01
Rating: **** 1/4
(Vea Vaega won the KWO AOA World.)

Card rating: **** 1/4