World War 1

War Games No-Time-Limit-No-Countout-No-DQ-Match:
The Soul Assembly (Akinori Sakata, Aziz Dunaj, Damian alvarez Cuevas, Joaquin Co
mpean, Julio  Vega, Muertez, Nico Voight, Pieter Talley, Raleigh  Martinez and V
ea Vaega) defeated MiniZtry Of Light (Mazteryouz) and Originals (Abyzz, Awezome,
 Dreemer, Fire Fury, Jayme Clash, Kryptik, Morbid, Razz and Scorpyan) when
R. Martinez defeated Abyzz when Abyzz passed out in the Figure-Four Leglock in
Rating: ****

Brotherhood Of The Apocalypse (Donato Baron and Mika Fatialofa) defeated
Hellz Most Wanted (Dead xXx and Demon X) when M. Fatialofa pinned Dead xXx
 with the Superkick in 0:16:45.
Rating: ** 1/2
(Brotherhood Of The Apocalypse retained the KWO AOA World Tag Team Titles.)

Card rating: ** 3/4