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August 16 2020
I know I haven't ran any cards lately, but I've done a bunch of changes and was forced to make some outside changes that were rather expensive. I'm hoping to run something soon.
Although I'm also looking at slimming down this website, it's not a HUGE website but at times it can be a pain to work with and update little bits of coding. I think the first thing I'm going to work on is the "classics" section, initially I had things as mini websites  but I have to change that I haven't decided how... yet... but even my past results I want to change, I don't know how either but it's something I'm going to try to tackle but first the "classics" section.
I'll be sure to keep things posted

July 21 2020
The following wrestlers got released:
X.Q Ward / Victor Marshall / S.X Crawford / S.R. Webb / Ryan Ruinz / Ruthless L / Rex Calhoun / Mortiz / Morbid / Mazteryouz / Mason Buchanan / Major Mayhem / Kenneth Matthews / Judas / Jeriko / Jeremy Parker / Jayme Clash / James Alexander / Infinity / Hellish L / H.T Jenkins / Frank / Elmer / Double Doze / Demon X / Dead xXx / D.J. Wallace / Cristobol Gardner / Colton Weaver / Charles Hughes / Caleb Kelley / Bronze / Brandon Rodgers / Acyd Rain

July 20 2020
I couldn't believe it's been that long,  I had every intention of after a few days announcing the changes and running an event or two but time certainly got away from me.
It's been an entire week, but as per last update still kind of struggling with a bunch of personal issues.
I've had the thought of bringing back KVW as well, just something different to play with. At this point in time it's just a thought.
The Grey and Orange look is back, the non-colour look just took away from everything in my mind.

I'll make a point to sitting down and making changes and announcing releases today...