Unforgiving Hour

Brandon Rogers defeated Mortiz by disqualification in 0:05:58. Rating: ** 3/4 [Myst interfered against Brandon Rogers.] Dreemer defeated Deranged by disqualification in 0:03:54. Rating: ** 1/4 Acyd Rain pinned S.X. Crawford after a power bomb in 0:06:26. Rating: ** 3/4 Black Diamond pinned Mega Superstar with the Diamond Cutter in 0:11:19. Rating: **** 1/4 [Abyzz interfered against Mega Superstar.] Abyzz pinned Judas with the Black Hole Slam in 0:11:54. Rating: *** Morbid defeated Awezome when Awezome passed out in a guillotine choke in 0:06:56. Rating: **** 1/4 Vampyro pinned Double Doze with the Nail In The Coffin in 0:10:21. Rating: **** 1/4 [S.X. Crawford interfered against Double Doze.] Doomsday pinned Jayme Clash with the Apocalypse in 0:06:54. Rating: **** No-Time-Limit-Four Corners Match for the vacant KWO AOA World Tag Team Titles: The Coffin Alliance (Kryptik and Big Evil) defeated Myst & Misfit (Myst and Misfit), Hellz Most Wanted (Dead xXx and Demon X) and Esoteric Blood Seven (Frank and Jeremy Parker): x Demon X beat Misfit via the Halloween Driver in 0:09:18 x Big Evil beat J. Parker via the Tombstone in 0:13:19 x Big Evil beat Demon X via the Tombstone in 0:20:20 Rating: ** 3/4 (The Coffin Alliance won the KWO AOA World Tag Team Titles.) Elmer pinned Krow after the mandible claw in 0:09:04. Rating: * 3/4 Major Mayhem pinned Jeriko with the Attitude Adjustment in 0:09:50. Rating: *** 1/4 Kenneth Matthews pinned Infinity with the Spear in 0:09:34. Rating: ** 3/4 Nico Voight pinned Mazteryouz with the Superkick in 0:11:19. Rating: **** 1/4 Card rating: *** 1/4 Match observations:
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, 07-06-2020