Dyzcyple vs. Raging Bull vs. Dreemer (Kayoz Ultimate Wrestling) gimmick (Ladder Match)

Conada - This match is a Ladder Match for the Kayoz Ultimate Wrestling title. Coming to the ring first, weighing in at 288 pounds, from Parts Unknown, Dyzcyple!!!

[Dyzcyple comes to the ring. ]

Conada - The second in this three way match, weighing in at 246 pounds, from Belgium, Raging Bull!!! (crowd cheers ************)

[Raging Bull walks to the ring. ]

Conada - And third, weighing in at 275 pounds,, Dreemer!!! (crowd boos *******)

[Dreemer walks to the ring. Razir Blade is the referee for this contest. Dyzcyple drops Raging Bull with a Gorilla Press Slam on the mat. Raging Bull places Dreemer on the turnbuckle and executes a front-layout suplerplex. Dreemer tests out the ropes. (ding, ding, ding) Dreemer grabs Raging Bull's head and hites him in the face. Flying kick by Raging Bull takes Dreemer down. Dreemer gets knocked on the ground and Raging Bull flips onto him. Now Dreemer standing. Raging Bull goes to the top and executes a flying hip attack on Dreemer. Raging Bull is up again. Raging Bull executes a corkscrew legdrop on Dreemer. Raging Bull gets back to his feet. Raging Bull jumps off the turnbuckle with the flying bodypress on Dreemer. Now Raging Bull standing. Dreemer gets back to his feet. Dreemer catches Raging Bull leg, but Raging Bull reverses it with an enzuigiri to Dreemer's head. Raging Bull stomps Dreemer's head. Dreemer is up again. Raging Bull hits Dreemer with the back of his elbow. Raging Bull uses a snap mare takeover on Dreemer. Raging Bull grabs Dreemer and applies an arm wrench. Dreemer gets back to his feet. Dreemer lifts Raging Bull into the air and delivers a spine buster. Dreemer takes Raging Bull to the floor to get the ladder. Dreemer hits the handspring moonsault on Raging Bull. Dreemer is up again. Dreemer goes into the ring with the ladder. Raging Bull follows. Dyzcyple climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and executes the diving headbutt on Raging Bull. ]

Kras - Nice diving headbutt by Dyzcyple.

[Dyzcyple is back on his feet. Dyzcyple goes up the ladder. Dyzcyple goes one step closer to the belt. Raging Bull pulls Dyzcyple off the ladder. Dyzcyple chokes Raging Bull with a microphone cable. Dyzcyple executes a corkscrew legdrop on Raging Bull. Dyzcyple stands up. Dyzcyple piledrives Raging Bull into the the ladder. Dyzcyple hits the handspring moonsault on Raging Bull. Raging Bull gets back to his feet. Dyzcyple hits him with a back fist. ]

Conada - Dyzcyple has won the match!

Conada - The winner of this match, and new Kayoz Ultimate Wrestling champion, Dyzcyple!!!

Kayoz Ultimate Wrestling Championship
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